Address:      285 Ormiston Road, Flat Bush, Manukau 2019, Auckland
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Tel:              Office Reception 09 9740 140 or 027 922 7368
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Leadership: Luke Sumich (Leader of Learning)
                     Vivienne Mallabar (Assistant Leader of Learning)
                     Kat Liu-Asomua (Assistant Leader of Learning)


Ormiston Junior College will be the third school in the Ormiston Road group of schools. They are next to each other in what could be described as a greater campus. 
Ormiston Primary School opened 2015 (Years 1-6):
Ormiston Senior College opened 2011 (Years 11-13):



Located in South-East Auckland, Ormiston is one of Auckland and New Zealand's newest communities.  Surrounded by stunning green spaces and parks, the overall design of the Town Centre brings together elements of a metropolitan environment, exceptional community services and resources, and parks and green fingers which link the entire community.  

At the moment, Ormiston is the fastest growing suburban area in New Zealand. As of early 2016, Ormiston's population looks like:

  • 84,000 people in 22,000 households reside within a 5min drive
  • Ormiston population is expected to exceed 125,000 people by 2031
  • 93,500 people in 24,000 households reside within a 10min drive
  • 250,000 people in 73,000 households reside within a 15min drive

Key features already in development or use in the Ormiston Community include:

  • Local primary school: Ormiston Primary School
  • Local secondary: Ormiston Senior College
  • Community centre
  • Library (state of the art council library opening 2018)
  • Aquatic centre (Opening around 2022)
  • Barry Curtis Park including playgrounds and sports fields
  • Pedestrian and cycle pathways

If you'd like to find out more about Ormiston, its features and developments check out the Ormiston Town Centre Website or the Auckland City Council's Planning documentation.