ojc curriculum


OJC Curriculum

At OJC, we seek to provide authentic, real-world contexts for learning. Learners are encouraged to develop not only content knowledge, but also communication skills, collaborative abilities, the ability to think creatively and solve problems, and digital fluency. They do this through developing projects collaboratively with other learners, and communicating with experts from organisations in the community.

International students will receive the benefits of our authentic learning contexts, as well as a specialised ESOL programme. This programme caters to the needs of individual students, and forms a part of the holistic education at OJC. 

The OJC curriculum follows the NZ Curriculum document as set
by the Ministry of Education which includes principles that form the
basis of curriculum decision making. We believe in educating the
‘whole child’ including the intellectual emotional, social, spiritual
and physical wellbeing of each learner.

A learning advisory model forms the core of our approach to
mentoring, advising & coaching learners. Learning Coaches
facilitate ‘best fit’ pathways and act as advocates for each
individual and their family throughout their journey at OJC. We
believe strong connections formed between school and home
are central to developing our diverse community’s evolution and
growing excellence together.

The academic curriculum is delivered through robust & authentic
Inquiry across all Learning Areas. Our assessment & curriculum
will be delivered through the lens of ‘rigour and excellence’ with a
personalised approach to supporting, extending and challenging
each learner.

Here is a link to OJC's latest ERO (Education Review Office) report