Starting at the intersection of Chapel and Stancombe Roads, travel east along the centre of Stancombe Road to opposite Kensway Drive (excluded). Travel south and east around Sir Barry Curtis Park, south of Multose Drive (excluded) and south along the centre of Murphys Road (270, 271 and below included) to Ormiston Road (316, 445 and below included). Travel east along the centre of Ormiston Road (to 445, included) and travel south across country to west of Michael Bosher Way (excluded, Redoubt Road, Regis Lane, Shepherds Lane and all their no exit roads excluded). Continue southwest across country to Murphys Road (both sides included between Redoubt and Ormiston Roads). Travel northwest across country to cross Thomas Road (53, 64 and above included) at number 53 (Adamson Road, Joseph Street and Lane Cameron Place included). Continue across country northwest to the intersection of Chapel Road (69-163 odd numbers only included) and Broadhurst Road (excluded). Travel north along the centre of Chapel Road, back to the starting point.”

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