Haere Mai & Welcome to OJC

OJC is a co-educational state junior college enrolling learners from years 7 to 10. Our vision statement, “Guarantee every learner engages in innovative, personalised world class learning”, was gifted to us by our Establishment Board of Trustees. Every decision we make is in alignment with our vision and grown through our school values, curriculum and a commitment to strong parent and community partnerships throughout our Flat Bush neighbourhood. 


School Values

At OJC we believe that a values and future-focused based approach to building  strong foundations for young people's character and dispositions is key to their success as learners. Our school values are embedded in our daily life at OJC and guide our practices and the ways we support and challenge our learning community. The OJC values are:

Hauora | Holistic Wellbeing:

At OJC we believe in supporting each learner in their ability to flourish and thrive in all areas of their wellbeing; mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual.
We believe that each learner's sense of hauora is personal to them and their unique background and perspective and that fostering a sense of wellbeing is key to supporting deep and meaningful learning.


Whanaungatanga | Relationships:

Relationships that are respectful and are built and maintained with the shared goal of supporting learner development and growth are at the heart of our interactions and intentions at OJC. Good relationships between teachers, learners and parents, alongside a high trust learning environment foster both independence and interdependence in learning.


Aumoana | Innovation:

We believe in developing an innovators mindset in our learning community. Innovation is the ability to use existing knowledge, research, ideas, and resources and to problem solve and constantly improve the way we do things. Innovative thinking involves applying critical creativity in a focused way in order to continuously improve.


Wana | Inspiration:

Great learning and education should be inspirational. It should light a passion, spark new interests, and help young people to explore new horizons and realise they can achieve more than they ever realised. We believe inspiring learners and learning through a wide variety of learning experiences and expeditions, meeting real world leaders and innovators in different fields, and supporting them to have a go at new and challenging projects.


Ngakau TapatahiIntegrity:

"Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching."
C.S. Lewis

Part of growing up and developing character in young people is acknowledging the roll of having an explicit moral compass. At OJC, we believe that deliberate and intentional acts that highlight the school value of integrity are key to growing responsible and empathetic young people who take the initiative to do the right thing in any situation without being asked and are guided by their own sense of what is right and honourable.


Hiranga |Excellence:

Excellence is defined as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Every young person should be pushed and given the opportunity to excel, and at OJC we believe that each learner has the ability to demonstrate excellence in ways that are meaningful to them. Excellence is also deeply connected to persistence and developing self-motivation and resilience, and we believe in instilling our learners with the awareness and drive to embody these actions to achieve success.



OJC is  a New Zealand State School and delivers a research based and rigorous approach to personalising the New Zealand Curriculum for each of our learners. The vision statement for all learners and schools is "To develop young people who will be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners." 

The New Zealand curriculum has three distinct drivers that underpin all learning and achievement in New Zealand schools. These are the NZC Values, the Key Competencies, and the Learning Areas. 

 The New Zealand Curriculum: An Infographic

The New Zealand Curriculum: An Infographic

At OJC, we deliver the New Zealand Curriculum through a combination of teacher/student 1:1 coaching, small group collaborative tasks and challenges, setting self-directed learning tasks, and project based learning. We believe in challenging learners according to "stages, not ages",  and endeavour to ensure all our students are supported as and when needed, and extended in their strengths.