international staff

All of our staff at OJC will be involved in the education of international students, but here are the people most involved with the education of our international students. 

International student coordinator: [Name]

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 Inclusive Learning Designer: Priscilla Godinet

Inclusive Learning Designer: Priscilla Godinet

 Talofa!  What do we want for our young people in an increasingly complex world?  OJC is the perfect pathway and opportunity to transform learning so that every child can succeed and create a future of which they can be proud.  As a community, we are in an ideal position to realise the dreams and aspirations of our children.

My journey to Ormiston Junior College has been via Pasadena Intermediate (Deputy Principal), Howick Intermediate (x3), St Dominic’s College (Intermediate Department) and various teaching stints and other work in the UK.

Life is more fun with family and friends and, my partner AJ adds to the happy mix.

My love of travel has not diminished and my OE was typical of many NZers out to change the world.  At the moment I’m totally immersed in the house renovation thing but my interests are pretty eclectic and include music, film, sport and keeping fit-ish!

I love my work and have a particular passion for transforming learning and what it should look like in this modern age; I look forward to working alongside you and creating something really special at OJC. 

receptionist: Angeline loke