"Transforming Learning for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Learners"

KDEC provides educational services to Deaf and hard of hearing students throughout the North Island. Students who enrol in the KDEC School receive their day to day educational programmes through KDEC Provisions in eight schools around Auckland City. 

We are very proud to welcome you to the KDEC School Provision at Ormiston Junior College. The KDEC Provision forms a fundamental part of OJC in providing inclusive, personalised and innovative learning to around 20 Deaf and Hard of hearing learners in Year 7 to 10. The KDEC Provision is staffed with KDEC Teachers of the Deaf, New Zealand Sign Language Interpreters and Teacher Aides. In addition to these full-time staff, the learners also have access to the KDEC Specialist Services Team that visit the Provision regularly to support individual needs in areas of speech therapy, audiology, counselling, New Zealand Sign Language and Maori Deaf Culture. The KDEC learners are taught by the Specialist Teachers of the Deaf in the Provision for English, Maths and NZSL. For all other learning areas and various OJC school and community experiences, they are actively involved alongside their hearing peers.