Kia Ora, Namaste, Nin Hao, Sat Sri Akal, Choum Reap Sor,
Sawubona, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana & Hello!

It has been a truly amazing 5 weeks with the whole Leadership Team together beginning to learn, build relationships and plan for what learning will be at OJC, and how we can all make that happen.

Our focus so far this term has been around:

1) Getting to know one another - our strengths and weaknesses, communication styles, areas of knowledge, skills, and dispositions.  Luke has taken us all through the Herrmann Brain model of whole brain and team thinking.  This has helped us to work out how our team can maximise our strengths and develop our challenges in order to be the most efficient and effective we can be in working towards getting OJC up and running in 2017!

2) Professional Learning - We've visited a range of very innovative and personalised school models around Auckland and NZ in order to see how some of our Innovative practices and 21st century learning principles look in different contexts.  We've also been working through research and readings from NZ and around the world as well as working with industry professionals and consultants in order to ensure we have considered all of our ideas for learning and learners at OJC from all angles and with the most current research and experts.  See our FB page for some more details about some of our visits, guests, and the learning experiences we've attended.

3) Operational To Do List: We've also begun to chip away at the day to day operational bits and pieces that come together to make a school happen.  This has included research uniform options, looking at community consultation models, and making decisions around what technology providers and services we may use and how they will best fit our learning, learners and community.


Over the next 5 weeks of the Term we will be focusing on making some decisions around the build and physical spaces, work towards our first ideation of what exactly the OJC curriculum will look like, and share our journey here.

Aroha nui & warm regards,

Luke, Vivienne, John & Kat