It's been a busy month at OJC headquarters with the LoL (Leaders of Learning) team out and about on plenty of professional learning and inspiration/idea gathering trips all over Auckland.  Some highlights include:

1) Meeting with a clinical psychologist to investigate "tween" and early teen brain and learning development

2) Attending a day with Professor Guy Claxton to learn about the 'Building Learning Power' and holistic approaches to learning 

3) Visiting many schools to dig deep and talk to other education professionals about what great things they are doing and we could do.  These included Bucklands Beach Intermediate School, Somerville Intermediate School, Hobsonville Point Primary & Secondary Schools, Murray's Bay Intermediate School, Alfriston College, Summerland Primary School, and Stonefields Primary School. It was truly great and inspirational to see so many of our colleagues doing such great thinking and teaching and learning.

4) Spending a Day in the Life of an Ormiston Primary School learner to understand better the OrmPS approach to learning and what our future learners are experiencing each day.

5) Attending a CORE education breakfast and workshop with Derek Wenmoth on "What will it mean to be educated in 2050?"

Needless to say, we've done a tonne of learning and have finished off March feeling inspired and having had a lot of great conversations and thinking about what great learning really is.


One of the highlights of the month has been connecting more with our future learners and some of their families at Ormiston Primary School.  After being OrmPS learners for a day, (and can we just say for the record that being a Primary School learner is EXHAUSTING!), we also had the chance to go back and collaborate with some learners and their whanau around what an Ormiston Junior College uniform might look like.  It was a great session with lots of carefully thought out ideas and perspectives, and there is no doubt that our kids will be comfortable & looking sharp on the first day of school in 2017.

Staffing: We've also begun to think about our next round of appointments.  This process will be made public soon, and we are really looking forward to this next stage of our learning community's growth.  Positions will be advertised on our interim website, social media channels, & in The Education Gazette within the next month.


OJC 'the building' is rising up out of the ground at an alarming rate!  We got to meet with Hawkins, the architects and designers this month to hear more about the build and share our ideas about how the buildings will be furnished and arranged to best enable learning at OJC.  Another important aspect of the physical learning environment will be the work done behind the scenes by the Ormiston Schools' principals and eBoT's with our local iwi Ngai Tai. Our Vision is for the 3 schools to be culturally connected to both one another and the tangata whenua.  This is an amazing and powerful opportunity to connect Ormiston and Flat Bush's past with the present in a tangible way that will lend itself to rich learning and relationship building as the schools and community grow together.  A huge thank-you goes out for the eBoT's vision in this and the generosity of Ngai Tai for their part in the consultation around how this will happen.

 The Build: Week 9, Term 1, 2016

The Build: Week 9, Term 1, 2016

 The Build: Week 9, Term 1, 2016

The Build: Week 9, Term 1, 2016

Coming up

The Lol's are off to San Fransisco, Seattle and Vancouver for 2 weeks to check out some amazing schools and educators and complete our immersion phase while planning for learning at OJC.  We hope to keep our community updated on our experiences. In the meantime, we wish everyone a fabulous and productive last 2 weeks of the term, and look forward to more updates and progress soon!

Ka Kite!

The OJC Lol's