Our Learning

It’s been an amazing week & it is difficult to know where to begin unpacking all the amazing learning, teachers, & ideas we’ve been exposed to over the last 3 days.  The LoL team have been extremely lucky to enjoy the hospitality, learning environments & experiences at some of San Fransisco Bay area’s best schools.  Marin Country Day School, Branson High School, Monte Vista High School &  Menlo School all welcomed us with open arms & shared their vision of learning & how each school's educational design thinking makes this happen.

Some key ideas which have stood out:

1)    Inspirational use of technology to enhance learning & support innovative thinking, skill development,  knowledge acquisition & collaboration

2)   Fostering deep learning experiences & connections to real world expertise & situations through problem & project based learning

3)   The impact & academic rigour that happen as a result of a learning community with strong internal & external relationships and in which learners are holistically supported & coached

4)   The importance of approaching education as a ‘collaborative visionary’ by thinking ahead for ways to engage & inspire our kids so they are prepared & excited for what their future holds while ensuring they are well equipped to excel in 'the now'.


Our People

Not surprisingly this learning adventure has been a great opportunity for team & relationship building among the LoL’s!  Of note have been the rich & lengthy discussions on American freeways  (in part due to having no car sound system!) instigated by the excitement of the OJC vision beginning to really take shape in our minds & hearts.

Other highlights include LoL waiata performances as we embed this New Zealand & Maori kaupapa into the way we connect with & thank our host schools.

We are also really excited to announce that we are rapidly moving into the next phase of our community's growth.  Learning Coach positions at OJC will be released by the end of the month as we begin to build the team that will continue to develop how we do learning at OJC.  


Learning Environment: The Third Teacher

Through collaborating with Future Schools, the OJC architects, & the gathering of ideas & research from both New Zealand & American case studies, the interior plans for the school building, furnishings, & spaces are beginning to progress as quickly as the external build.  We look forward to sharing more with everyone as this develops.


Next Steps

Our immersion learning process continues with the next stops in Vancouver & Seattle to explore more excellent approaches used to deliver innovative &  rigorous academic models of high quality learning.

Nga mihi nui, 

The OJC LoL's