Friday of this week will see the LoL team at the second morning session in a series of professional development mini-conferences on Innovative Learning Environments and Pedagogies.  This week's focus is on "The Site: Learning Beyond the Classroom — Outdoor Learning, & School as Basecamp".  CORE Education puts on these insightful workshops which are always thought provoking for us as we continue to design learning at OJC.  Education outside the classroom, field trips, camps, and real world experiences are always some of the most enjoyable and memorable parts of each year's learning - for both teachers and learners!  Making sure that we build partnerships in our community and have many opportunities for our learners to experience authentic industry experiences - whether it be through one off day trips or extended internships is something we all believe is invaluable for OJC.  We look forward to bringing our learning around this back to the workroom next week!

As we start to get closer to counting down til opening day, we've also visited our future learners at OrmPS to share our Pre-enrolment process information.  The Primary school leadership team has been very helpful by sending out a short progress and introduction via their Signmee system.  The year six and seven learners now have access to the OJC pre-enrolment process which will help us to contact them and their whanau during August this year to complete the full enrolment process.  Please follow the Pre-enrolment Information link to access this process and online form.


One of the highlights of the week has been connecting with the OrmPS and OSC learners.  In term one, OJC held a logo design competition to gather ideas from our extended learning community around what their initial thoughts about OJC branding might be. We had a number of creative submissions in two categories. The categories were an Open Design category, & Logo Design with a Thumbprint Influence. This visual direction is intended to reflect some of our vision statement key words;  personalised & innovative learning.

Advertisement for the OJC Logo Competition

John had the enviable job of delivering awards and certificates to the winner and other entrants at Ormiston Primary School.  The kids definitely seemed pleased with a grand prize of a Botany Town Centre Shopping Voucher worth $100, and some $10 Smiggle Vouchers for the Primary Learners who entered.  The winning designer from Ormiston Primary School was Vrishti in year 7.  We'd like to thank all the learners who took the time to enter, and are looking forward to awarding the Senior College Division prizes in week 4 of Term 2.  If you'd like to see all of the entries, please visit our facebook photo album.

Some of the great entries from the Ormiston Primary School Division

It's also been insightful - and exhausting - to spend the day with student ambassadors from Ormiston Senior College.  As OSC students for the day, the LoL team experienced life at a Senior Secondary College and were challenged with Maths, Calculus, Art History, PE, drama advirsory time and more! (we've all completely forgotten how tiring it is to be a high school student!) It's really great to see the emphasis on developing young people's ability to manage and direct their own learning and pathways which is a key part of how the college philosophy functions.  

It was also our week to put on a shared lunch at the Senior College!  This may not seem like much to share or write about, but the simple act of sharing a meal has always been a great way to connect and build relationships.  In this case, there were a number of great learning conversations humming around the staff room while we all shared warm bowls of pumpkin soup or chilli.  This is a great OSC tradition that we will definitely want to take with us to our new learning environment at OJC when all the team are on board.



The build continues, and decisions about learning environment furnishings and specialist space equipment are becoming solidified.  We managed to capture this great shot of progress on the site as well.


At the top of our radar at the moment is completing the hiring process for our next team mates.  We aim to have some new members of the team on board by Term 3, so will likely be able to introduce our community to these awesome educators within a few weeks.

We are also working hard on developing our community engagement and consultation processes.  The dates and other information will be posted on all our social media over the next week.  We're looking forward to taking this next step in introducing ourselves and getting to know our community and their vision for OJC in more depth.