A great week for us and thinking about transition planning for OJC learners.  OJC will be a pathway that is navigated by our learners and staff that builds a bridge between learning at Primary School and learning at Senior College and beyond.  School transitions are a huge key to success. Feeling supported and growing a sense of belonging in your new learning community leads to better educational outcomes, so it is crucial that we all work together to ensure our learners are set up for success as they move along their educational journey. 

This week Kat sat in with Ormiston Primary School's Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) team for the second time as both a parent participant and neighbouring school member.  Both the Senior College and the Primary School participate in this Ministry of Education initiative. It is a great opportunity to develop common understandings and begin to work towards the best ways to transition the OJC learners from their primary when they first arrive, and off to Secondary when they leave us.

We also enjoyed being a part of the Ormiston Senior College Career's night.  It is one of the biggest and best attended Career's nights at a Secondary School in New Zealand, and it was great to see the community and tertiary providers out in force to support the learners exploration of potential future pathways.  Working together with the very knowledgeable Ormiston Senior College Careers Consultant Judi Tredwell,  will be exciting and informative, and will help us all to support our learners success through their learning journey between the Ormiston schools.

Ormiston Senior College Career's Night  (May 25, 2016)


We had a great start to a rainy Monday this week when we met the Senior College learners who participated in the OJC logo competition.  Queenie was the overall winner of a $100 Voucher for Botany Shopping Centre, and Ashley and Molly also received Smiggle vouchers for their entries.  We've really enjoyed the logo competition process as it has given us some valuable insights into the community of learner's perspectives on OJC's role as a Junior College. 



Part of our term one focus was to work with our eBoT, neighbouring schools, and local iwi to develop a vision for developing a Cultural Connect action plan for both the physical spaces in the schools, and also the narrative of the Ngai Tai history of this area.  This week that work was continued when we were privileged to share time and dialogue with Zaelene Maxwell-Butler.  Zaelene works for the Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki Tribal Trust and has been helping us ensure the history of our area and Ngai Tai as the tangata whenua are honoured and nurtured through our learning and the legacy of the physical spaces.  Dialoguing with Zaelene around gifting names to our spaces is a process of ensuring that we celebrate the past and present of the tangata whenua while incorporating our new community and a shared future on the development voyage together.  At this stage our collaboration has focused on some key taonga and visual narrative artefacts in the spaces.  We have also been inspired to begin weaving in the OJC and Ormiston Community narrative that leads us all together into the future.   Our discussions this week were heart-stirring as life is breathed into the physical plans for the building and connections to the local landscape and stories are stitched together.



As we begin to meet and connect with our community, we have begun planning for our first two Parent Consultation Hui  which are both now on the calendar.  These will be held at Ormiston Senior College on June the 15th.  The first session will run from 2:10pm - 2:50pm with the second session running from 6:30pm - 7:10pm.  More information is available for our 2017 whanau in the Ormiston Primary School newsletter, and on our site here.  We can't wait to continue the journey of OJC learning with our whole community.