We're nearing the end of the first week back in term 2, and it's all go, go, go already! Viv and Luke attended a professional learning day which focused on using neuroscience research in education.  The interest for us in particular is around understanding the tween and early adolescent brain, the impacts of physiological and psychological maturity during this time, and the implications for creating the right conditions for learning to happen best for this age group.  

We've also begun working towards drafting the first prototypes of our logo design, vision statements, values and beliefs, and school charter.  Deep thinking about how we are represented in our media & communications, policies, and most importantly, educational practices, always requires us to think deeply and dialogue thoroughly about the community we are a part of, the research we have done, the other schools we have experienced,  and upholding the innovative and personalised world class learning vision at OJC. All in all, great brain exercise for us!

The LoL team have also been working with NZ Uniform using the feedback from our community consultation evening and background research to create a brief for the OJC uniform. Our aims for the uniform are for it to be a contemporary reflection of not only Ormiston Junior College, but also represent the links between the Primary School and Senior College as a community of connected schools. This is being achieved through the colour palette and overall aesthetic of the proposed uniform items.  The items designed reflect the requests of the parent/learner consultation evening held at Ormiston Primary School, and are designed to be durable, comfortable, easy to maintain, and offer flexibility and choice in the items each learner chooses to wear.

OUR People

The response to our first round of recruiting for OJC Learning Coaches has been awesome.  We've been working on communicating with interested educators and planning for the info night in week 2 that will be held for prospective applicants.  Our mission is to inspire those who attend with the OJC learning vision and create a warm and memorable experience of the developing learning community.  

We've also been lucky enough to have spent some time with both of our neighbours this week; the Ormiston Senior College Staff and the Ormiston Primary School Leadership team. Our focus as a group is to share each of the Ormiston Schools' knowledge and experience, and to build solid working relationships between us all.  We are very lucky to be in the unique position of belonging to a campus of 3 schools. This network will help us to grow our own professional learning community, but more importantly, to focus on working together to nurture the learners and support their whanau from Year 0 to Year 13 in a personalised and relationship based way.


The building seems to magically appear before our eyes and is looking more and more like an amazing new school.  Over the last few weeks the timber roof lining has gone in, concrete has been poured for ground level and upper level floors, and the entrance road has been dug.  However, the most exciting parts of recent building progress have been watching 2/3rds of the concrete pre-cast panels go up for the 500 seat theatre, as well as the leveling of the back fields and the completion of concreting the base of the cricket pitch.  With these elements of the build completed, we are already having daydreams of the amazing productions and performances, and the wickets and 6’s that OJC will enjoy in the future!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


Over the next couple of weeks we will be focusing on completing our first round of the hiring process and working towards implementing our community consultation and communication plans.  We will also begin to add details to our curriculum and learning design processes and start looking in more depth at how reporting, assessment and our Student Management System will best support our learners' goals, pathway planning, and the data collection and analysis of their learning development.  These are all key components of supporting our learners and their whanau to make well informed decisions about their learning, and ensure our learners are always being both challenged and supported throughout their experiences at OJC.

Nga mihi nui, 

The OJC LoL team

Luke, Viv, John & Kat