TERM 2, 2016: WEEK 6 and 7 ROUNDUP


It's been all systems go over week 6 and 7 as we've really focused on connecting with our community. In particular we've really enjoyed meeting with future OJC whanau at our Community Consultation Hui Sessions on the 15th of June.  Ormiston Primary School hosted our team, members of the eBoT and most importantly future learners and their whanau to begin the whakawhanaungatanga and relationship building needed to ensure that OJC is successful in its mission to Guarantee every learner engages in innovative, personalised world class learning.  The sessions focused first on introducing ourselves to the community as both educators and individuals, and introducing the Board and governance processes that are underway for OJC. 

The heart of our hui centred on working together as a whole learning community on 4 key focus questions around what we all think, know, and feel the learning should be like at OJC.  This included; exploring ideas about what it means to be future ready, what values, knowledge, skills and dispositions are needed in todays world, what learning at a junior college should be about, and key experiences we want for our young people.

The four focus questions, feedback, and dialogue from these sessions has been captured in padlet format and can be viewed at any time on our website on the community consultation page.  The padlets can also be added to by clicking on each pad and entering your thoughts and ideas for learning at OJC.  If you missed out on attending the hui sessions, or have thought of some more ideas to add on, visit any time to keep entering your thoughts on the future at OJC.

Initial consultation session: A great start on gathering the OJC Community's ideas on learning for our kids!

1 of the 4 OJC Community Consultation Padlets found on our site


Kat had the opportunity to visit Ormps for their weekly hui which highlighted some of their key PB4L learning through habitat presentations. It was a real treat to experience the Collaborative Learning presentation by the LH1 learners who used Samoan Language week as a provocation and collaborated to perform a contemporary Sasa which incorporated elements of Samoan dance, music and New Zealand Sign Language.

LH1 presenting at the OrmPS Hui on Collaborative Playing: A Contemporary Samoan Sasa with NZSL.

The future OJC netball team (Current Ormiston Primary team - suppose we can't claim them just yet!) had a successful week of games and celebrated some outstanding successes for a newly formed team.  However, even better, was the way in which the team shared their success, their approach to collaboration in the team setting, and how they have persisted and trained to steadily improve.   

Sharing celebrations and values with our neighbours and future learners is crucial to setting us all up for successful transitions from Primary to Junior College.

Last weekend the LoL team were off to an ILE Learning Network Conference Day titled Innovative Learning, Collaborative Teaching, & Creative Curriculum where  Kat and Luke presented and shared the OJC journey so far and what planning and designing an Innovative new Junior College for the Ormiston Community is like.  The presentation was warmly received by other teachers and leadership who are working through the process of re-designing their own schools, teams, and systems for learning.  The sessions Viv, Luke and Kat attended focused on the findings from Neil O'Reilly (Principal of Waitikiri School, Christchurch) and his research work on collaborative teaching and learning, and an inspirational look at research based assessment practices for learning by Perry Rush (Principal of Island Bay School, Wellington)

 Viv enjoying Perry Rush's session on Assessment and the Learning Dance

Viv enjoying Perry Rush's session on Assessment and the Learning Dance

Kat also had a great visit from one of her ex-students who is preparing to leave for the USA on a baseball scholarship.  Jason Rangi-Matthews is a New Zealand representative for baseball who's talent and dedication have awarded him opportunities to play his sport all over the world, and now, most recently, to travel to Iowa on a sports scholarship and work with Major League Baseball coaching and scouts to continue to pursue his goal of becoming a professional athlete.  Kat and Jason had a look at some metacognitive tools for learning and self-development which explored mindful approaches to learning and mastery, as well as using neurolinguistic strategies to achieve peak performance and deal with challenges. 

7 Sharp will be running a profile on Jason Rangi-Matthews this on Thursday, June 23rd for those interested in NZ baseball!


Another building site visit was also in order when local MP for the Hunua region, Andrew Bayly, stopped by for a visit on Friday.  Andrew's interest in the Ormiston Area and how the educational needs of our community are being met is a great opportunity for Ormiston residents.  It was a pleasure get to know him better and show him the progress on the site.



Our first round of recruitment is nearly complete.  We've interviewed and found some outstanding educators to join the OJC team in the coming terms. While we wait for the ink to dry on their paper work, we all look forward to making this announcement in more detail shortly when we officially introduce the newest members of the OJC whanau.

As we begin to roll towards the end of term, the LoL team will be preparing for our next round of hiring which opens on the 20th of June.  We'll also be focused on preparing a staff induction for the new team members in Term 3.  We've got big plans for further visits with our future learners, as well as more in depth Community Consultation Hui plans for Term 3.  Watch this space!