Term three has arrived, placing us a step closer to bringing the OJC vision of engaging learners in innovative, personalised learning a step closer to fruition. The initial enrolment interest has been exciting, it is encouraging to see families reaffirming their desire for us to support their child's development for 21st century education.To reassure that this faith in us is well placed we recently had a visit from ERO (Education review office) allowing us to update and inform on our fundamental process’. It is imperative for us to provide this type of transparency and fluid communication in order to receive the necessary support from the team who have supported numerous new schools. A key take away from the discussions was a focus on creating opportunity for not only Learners to understand the learning principles but also bringing the wider community on board with our innovative personalised learning journey. We were also privy to the new school evaluation indicators which support Effective Practice for Improvement and Learner success.

At the heart of our collaborative learning approach is that collective intelligence empowers all. WIth this in mind Viv visited Kristin school to learn about their “Pause, Breathe, Smile” programme based on the Mindful Aotearoa practice. The Hauora practices at the core of OJC are about providing Learners with the holistic tools to navigate the world around them, with this in mind, opportunities to see strategies in practice through collaboration are both exciting and productive as we build our tool kit. We are thankful for Kristin school being so welcoming and allowing us to learn from their experience with mindfulness strategies we will be looking to share and build with our dynamic Learners. Following on with the theme of collaboration Ormiston Senior College recently held an information evening. We attended to support our gracious hosts as well as provide families touring the school with updates around our school just next door. Many families moving into the area were excited at the proposition of the new school and the synergy between the local schools.



We welcomed our first staff member (Fred Strickson-Pua) outside of our Senior Leadership Team on the first day of Term three . He was soon kitted out with his hard hat and Fluoro high-vis vest ready to tour the facilities and commented on how amazing a learning environment it would be on its completion. We are currently in to the final stages of staff selection which has seen a dynamic group of educators grace our doors and in the coming months we are looking forward to unveiling our team.

 Evidence of professional reflection from one of our Learning Coach applicants.

Evidence of professional reflection from one of our Learning Coach applicants.

We are looking forward to the return of Kat and her Whanau from Canada, her contagious energy and foresight will no doubt invigorate the team from any mid term blues. Luke recently touched base and placed a face to the name for local principals in the surrounding suburbs wondering about the new school in the area. These collegial relationships are important for establishing lines of communication with our wider Learning Community as we all seek to support and empower the same Ormiston community.


Last week we met with the construction company in charge of our school build to look at ways our school could assist environmental sustainability. It is not enough for us just to encourage our Learners to be aware of the impact they have on the environment we also are looking at ways of maintaining one of our core values of integrity through due diligence. With this in mind we are in dialogue with environmental standards authorities informing us of the various strategies that will assist in our long term care of the school. We are looking at ways in which we can incorporate these features not only into the physical features of the school but also into our learning opportunities. Later in the year our facilities will receive a Green star rating indicating how environmentally friendly our facilities are.

Speaking of our facilities we have reached the next stage of the build. We are now starting to see the internal infrastructure beginning to take shape with wiring and Learning spaces framed and clearly visible. The glazing has begun and we are now entering the early stages of utilities at the initial installation phase. 


We will be holding a community consultation on Thursday the 25th of August at 6.30pm hosted at Ormiston Senior College. This will be a great opportunity to speak on our vision of what innovative and personalised learning will look like at OJC as well as engage with our wider Learning Community. For those who have already applied for enrolment we will be making contact in the next few weeks to set up a time for our enrolment induction. Later this week we are conducting a Q & A session with our future learners at Ormiston primary, it will be the debut of John’s acting skills in a short video which is sure to have the Learners asking for his autograph. Next blog episode we will have a new staff member to welcome on board growing our OJC Whanau to six. 

Nga mihi nui,
The OJC LoL Team
Luke, Viv, John & Kat