Currently the team have been in discussions with our new team members as we continue to develop our thinking around ‘best fits’ with lots of decisions for the new school. We are living our value of ‘collective intelligence’ being better than just our own. We are making connections with ‘great thinkers’ to come and share their expertise with us, Chris Clay will be visiting us soon. We recognise the importance of Professional Learning for our learning coaches to impact on student learning so we are developing our current educational and neuroscience thinking to ‘fill our toolboxes’ with knowledge. On the student front our new uniform is in the last stages of decision making and in the hands of the designers. We are excited about this next step and will have details for ordering early next term.


This week we welcomed Kat back from her intrepid travels to her hometown in Canada. Family links, devouring of Poutine, and Tim Horton donuts made for a great trip. Kat was still thinking about OJC on her travels, busily checking out the latest in Canadian educational thinking, some great discussions coming up! This week we also welcomed Kelly Price. Kelly brings great things to the team and we are very excited about her joining us, you can read more about her on the website. Jan, is busy creating, challenging and inspiring our Ormiston Primary learners as he completes a 4 week series of technology sessions with the learners, who are travelling to Ormiston Senior College to use the ‘workshop’. Look for the intense concentration and engagement on the photos as ‘Principles of Flight’ were explored and the process of design enacted.

Drafting, Planning & Designing

Constructing, Preparing & Generating

John, puzzled, confused and excited our year 6 & 7 learners from Ormiston Primary on Thursday as they tried to ‘find John’ in a series of frames that Luke videoed onsite at the new school. John popped up in different spaces acting out a scene. Learners cried out in delight as they spotted John, in what became a ‘where’s John’ scenario.



Decisions are now being made around processes and systems that are needed for the infrastructure that will support the use of spaces, inside and out, in our new school. We are keeping grounded in what we believe is good pedagogy that best impacts student learning and support our values of Hauora- the whole learner. We have been in contact with our local iwi- Ngai Tai around possible names for spaces that link to the stories of Flatbush. This link can help us start a ‘narrative’ that will continue to grow as our new learners, families, staff and local community join us to begin our journey in 2017.


Currently we are very busy with pre-enrolments and are about to finally start to meet with our prospective learners and their families as we start to schedule interviews. Enrolment packs are being organised to be sent out to enrolled families with information necessary to start next year. Our next community consultation evening will take place on Thursday 25th August at Ormiston Senior College at 6.30pm. Parents and families of enrolled or prospective students are very welcome to join us.

Nga Mihi Nui, 
The OJC Learning Community

Luke, Viv, John, Kat, Fred & Kelly