currently recruiting | Associate leader of learning (Deputy principal)


An outstanding opportunity exists for a thoughtful leader who has strong skills in people management and communication. The applicant will have successful evidence as a team player, contributor, listener and finisher. The successful applicant should be able to lead without knowing all the answers, use the collective intelligence to engender next practice and can synthesise and implement.

The Leader of Learning will need to lead and participate in PLG's, PLD and be a proven life long learner.

Ormiston Junior College is a lovely mix of years seven to ten and the staff is a mix of secondary and primary teachers. In terms of a career this position is a rare opportunity to be part of a ground up re-think of how education can be delivered differently particularly in a secondary school setting. We are pushing the NZ curriculum in interesting ways and experience in this space will be invaluable for a leader of the future. Applicants should visit, this will give you an insight as to how the school operates and how we are implementing curriculum and assessment and what opportunities exist for leaders. 
To organise a visit, please contact Principal Luke Sumich via email at or alternatively,  ring 09 974 0140 or 027 922 7368.

The job description is negotiable dependent on the skills of the successful applicant relevant to those of the leadership team.

Please submit application form and referee's reports along with your CV and a covering letter to Associate Leader of Learning Vivienne Mallabar via email at

Term 3 start (neg) applications closing Friday 27th April (last day of the Term 1 holidays)


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CURRENTLY NO OTHER VACANCIES | Employment Strategy Below

Our strategy is to employ learning coaches (teachers). There will be MU’s and MMA’s available, however, during our foundation phase the focus will not be on having a large middle management structure. Learning coaches who are looking for leadership opportunities are welcome to apply and we will judge each applicant on their merits and potential contributions to the leadership philosophy of OJC. During employment rounds, the leadership team select learning coaches who best fit the Ormiston Junior College values and principles. Both secondary and primary school teachers are always welcome to apply.