The online uniform shop is open online while the NZ Uniforms Botany store opened with OJC stock from 4th of January. Details as follows: 

School Socks and Shoes

School socks are to be black and shoes black.

Design and Consultation

The LoL team worked with NZ Uniform using the feedback from our community consultation evening and background research to create a brief for the OJC uniform.  The aims for the uniform are for it to be a contemporary reflection of not only Ormiston Junior College, but also represent the links between the Primary School and Senior College as a community of connected schools. This is being achieved through the colour palette and overall aesthetic of the proposed uniform items.  The items designed reflect the requests of the parent/learner consultation evening held at Ormiston Primary School, and are designed to be durable, comfortable, easy to maintain, and offer flexibility and choice in the items each learner chooses to wear.